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Mountain Game
Mountain Calling
The Golden City
The Witch, Ghost & Demon
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Warnock Press is pleased to bring you a unique series of stories, written by Glenwood "Carol" O'Dell and Jeremy "Cole" O'Dell based on the era of the Northwestern frontiersmen, exploring the myths of Native American folklore with the premise these legends were founded in visits from extraterrestrials.  Amid a world of violence and people that lived by the hunt, the true test of survival becomes a life and death struggle against an evil, shrouded in prophecy.


Mountain Game by Carol Cole O'Dell

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 October 15, 2007 Released

 ISBN: 978-0-9796489-0-8 


Northwestern Territory 1820s

    It’s late fall in a land as brutal as the war obsessed residents claiming its sacred ground, and as ruthless as the hunters invading its borders to plunder its resources. Amid this violence a criminal transport vessel of the Guardian Empire suffers a mutiny and crashes. The escape pods are scattered leaving the surviving marshals to recapture the escapees, but the indigenous inhabitants of the mountains declare war on the evading forces. Among the convicts is a political sadist who thrills at torture and murder. This cold blooded malevolence transforms his lust for blood into the darkest of atrocities, whispered only in the legends and myths of the American West.       Read More

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Mountain Calling by Carol Cole O'Dell


 November 15, 2008 Released

 ISBN: 978-0-9796489-1-5 


Dakota Territory 1870s

    A ship of The Guardian Empire is hauling a dangerous parasite that terrorists have been using to spread fear across the galaxy. The ruling power needs an antidote, but a pirate clan’s raid and ensuing skirmish unleashes this plague upon mankind. If left unfettered the swarm will consume all life on earth.

    Seen as a “War God” by Crow prophets and “The Destroyer,” by The Seer (a Cheyenne visionary) - the alien Broken-Toe emerges from the rubble of battle: determined to defend the honor of his clan, and save this foreign world - he‘s abandoned to - from the death set free because of his own personal vendetta. Led by this off-world stranger, prophetic warnings join: trappers, Indians, scouts, soldiers, and a mountain lion in a life and death struggle for existence.

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The Golden City by Carol Cole O'Dell

Spanish conquistadors in the early years of exploration of the New World were told of a fabled city of immense wealth, a golden city. Never found, the kingdom remained the stuff of legends. But what if the city existed in the bygone days of early man?


  July 23, 2010 Released 

  ISBN: 978-0-9796489-2-2 



A Time When...

    Tawque, survivor of the great “Battle of the Flaming Eagle” and appointed Guardian of its sacred burial site, enters a mesmerizing light show and doorway into the distant past. Trapped in a mystic land with new companions: the young female warrior, beautiful Haiwi; and a white trader and acquaintance, Bobby, thought long dead, Tawque is lost in a world of giant creatures and formidable demigods.

    Tawque emerges during the deadly rights of a human sacrifice,- helping Haiwi escape certain death, together they discover a world of their own making. But the dream is short lived when Haiwi is returned to her homeland, The Golden City. At first Tawque is accepted as a hero; but if the truth of his love for Haiwi is revealed, death will be swift. The King and custom demand Haiwi marry royalty and after the primary suitor is killed, Tawque is sent into exile. The King is assassinated and Haiwi and Bobby must flee for their lives winding up in the Dark Forest peopled by Nephraceetan,- children of the gods with a taste for human flesh.

    As an outcast, Tawque must overcome the perils of time and tradition, lost in an unfathomable world of mystery and intrigue, only to find his love trapped and at the mercy of fate.

The Witch the Ghost and the Demon by Carol Cole O'Dell

[Product Image]  Coming in the fall 2012


    Three-Spots’ pirate clan has been wiped out by Broken-Toe and his marshals. Stranded and alone on a foreign planet, this traitor of the Guardian Empire moves south to the Louisiana swamps. There in the warmth of a dangerous bayou, his technology damaged and worthless, the alien begins to practice the fundamentals of his psychotic origins.

   A plague upon the marshlands: legends grow amid the increasing violence of a fanatical war, bigotry, moonshine, and the mysticism of a people steeped in superstition. Hidden among this hatred a daughter of questionable heritage dies bearing a son. Taboo even among his people, his birthright concealed, young Titus is raised by an elderly woman (rumored to be a voodoo priestess) and an old black swamp skinner (that is in reality the boy’s grandfather). On the run from a blood thirsty mob, Titus turns to the bog. Power and freedom come to those with money, and this dream sends the young man deeper into the bayou on a self induced quest for wealth chasing the fabled lost treasure of a Spanish galleon. In the haunting trappings of the marshlands, Titus finds the truth about his life and inner demons in a confrontation with the devil of the swamp, Three-Spot‘s.

Arts & Gifts

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